Welcome to the PaintingNeedle site!

This site provides an introduction to Virginia Glass, the creative spirit behind PaintingNeedle.com designs, and some of her projects.

The PaintingNeedle.com website is under construction. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on its evolution!

PaintingNeedle.com is an organization for enthusiastic, serious stitchers. We inspire and challenge stitchers to increase their stitching expertise to produce masterpiece needle arts. We are a design studio that offers museum quality needlework patterns and designs for the serious stitcher. We are available for one-to-one mentoring, group sessions, classes, and speaking engagements. Contact us for more information at PaintingNeedle@yahoo.com.

Happy Stitching!

Spoiler Alert: Virginia’s future daughter-in-law, Beth, is a gifted artist who has created a painting named “Gypsy”. Virginia turned this painting into a counted-stitch pattern and is having it professionally stitched. “Gypsy” will be the first exclusive offering from PaintingNeedle.com. When this needlework is completed, it will be unveiled at a very special ceremony. Virginia’s patterns are complex, vivid, and intense – so this will be a ceremony to remember! Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss this very special event.


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